Nané (album release), Me Nd Adam (11:00); Nané (album release), Animals on TV (7:00) [garage]

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“Straight from the honeycomb, Daniel Sahad’s timbre pours smooth, slow, and sweet as juxtaposed to the six-string metallic shuffle and outburst of percussion on opener “This I Know.” Study in contrasts, “Always on My Mind” and single “Clementine Tree” reveal the Dominican Republic native’s humble falsetto that alternatively soars to a holler with unbridled abandon.”

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Nané Fly Free With Self-Titled Debut Album

“Passion speaks to you in whispers. If you start to listen and foster it, it begins to roar,” singer and songwriter Daniel Sahad speaks wisely. Fronting Austin-based six-piece Nané, a moniker plugged into his Dominican Republic roots, he has long felt displaced in the world.”

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